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I love to make people laugh and have a good time making memories with friends and viewers!

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Well, where to start... I grew up in Stilwell Kansas out in the country and now I live in downtown Kansas City Missouri. I have always enjoyed video games and never got into them as in depth as I had when i started college! I started out playing FIFA 12 with the guys in my frat house. Its basically completely escalated from there. I got my first Xbox 360 and started establishing myself in an online pro clubs 11v11 competitive leagues! I then started learning more about the game overall and different types of competitive play! I have had a couple twitch streaming accounts as my own personal experiments. Now that i have the capabilities for gaming at some of the highest levels on a gaming PC I hope to bring you some awesome content to enjoy!
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All donations will be extremely appreciated. Anything donated to the stream will directly help me in furthering my hopefully career in gaming/content creating. Love You All Last Updated 2/27/2019 Biggest D in the Stream- JR_Walker $1326.00 Top 20 Donators Ramius-$585.00 warmwrld999-$463.00 Asheron-$425.00 PartyMarty-$245.00 HerotiX-$200.43 ErlerStaplr-$146.20 DaBomb-$115.00 RylanCuz-$80.00 Ambitchin-$65.00 ActuallyBearded-$60.00 DeeCee-$50.00 Squiffy-$40.00 illegal_black_man-$30.00 Codizzle-$30.00 Jyskgaming-$30.00 jrsuns-$26.53 Aurarasburst-25.00 Cithulu-$21.00 OzginTV-$20.90