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Hello! I am Shinji, Twitch Affiliate, Variety Streamer, Cosplayer, Graphic/Motion Designer, and aspiring illlustrator.

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안녕하세요! 저는 신지에요! 난 한국어 공부한지 1년 반이 되었어요. 이걸 배우는 건 재미있어요. 언젠가 한국어를 유창하게 말했으면 좋겠어요. Hello guys! My name is **Shinji** from Canada! **INFP/Introvert/Big Naruto Weeb** Chill vibes type of atmosphere. I'm so so thankful that we've built such a wholesome community, feel free to join us <3. Hoping to keep this a nice, safe, and non-toxic place for people to hang out and get to know eachother. **[Instagram](** **[Tiktok](** **[Twitter](** **[Youtube](**
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+ **Don't be a jerk to me or my chat**. + Please **do not advertise** your **Twitch channel / other self-advertisements.** + **No links** unless approved. + Keep the chat **safe for work**. + Please try to **keep opinions inoffensive**. + No **Racism**. + Please do not **Spam** the chat. + Try to **refrain** from mentioning any **spoilers**. + **No backseat gaming** unless I ask for help. + **Don't ask to be a Mod**, very rarely do I give it out. + **Have fun :D**
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If you are interested in supporting the stream, donations directly support me as well as helps me improve/upgrade my stream quality/work towards future projects! It is not a requirement at all, only do so if you want to! :) + $1.00 - Donation Alert + $2.50 - Donation with Message + 100 bits - Bits Alert + 250 bits - Bits with Message + 300 bits - Bits with TTS Message For those who do, know that I appreciate every bit of your support! Thank you for your kindness!