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I'm short, I'm loud, and you can call me Zao! I'm a Runewolf with a big mouth and a hankering for gaming and drawing. I love nothing more than entertaining, making people laugh, and creating new memories as we journey through some games together. Welcome aboard my noodle caboose!

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- Respect the Noodle. - Praise the Noodle. - Don't be a dick. - This stream is 18+ only. No minors will be allowed at any time! Thank you for understanding. - Be respectful of the streamer and chatters. (If someone says they're uncomfortable. Please stop.) - This is a LGTBQ inclusive and supportive channel. Any hatred or intolerance is unwelcome here. NO racism, homophobia, bigotry, or hate will be allowed. Violators will be banned. - No spoilers please. (For viewers who have not played a game, spoilers will be on screen so view at your own risk!) - No back seating (Unless streamer asks for help). - No spamming self-promotions in chat. - Be good to one another and have fun!
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- !discord - I have no discord of my own, but PLEASE feel free to join our Chaos Crew discord! - !raid - Greets new raiders - !support - Subscribe to my Twitch - !lurk - support the stream as a lurker - !theme - shouts out my theme song creator - !brb - credits my brb screen - !socials - support me on other platforms

Welcome to the Noodle Caboose!

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Welcome on in Noodlings! The name's Zao! Just a loudmouth Sicilian Runewolf variety streamer who loves to make people laugh, and rage at video games. I'm not the most uber l33t gamer out there or anything, but I love giving people a laugh, and sharing my gaming experiences with you all! I also love to occasionally draw Traditional art, try beer on camera, sing, and basically do silly shenanigans that I hope will make people smile. I hope you enjoy your stay!


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Emojis - Credit to @aardpuff, @shooterloot8001, @forgotten_plotline, @MrSquabbit VTuber Model - Worc03 Me on Facecam - My Mother Panel artwork - @aardpuff and @Llutrafrost @MrSquabbit

Zao FAQs

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- What's with the horns? Are you a ram, a goat, a dog, etc. Put simply, I am a wolf with magic rune powers. - What name do you go by? Just call me Zao! - How do you identify? He/him pronouns please! - How did the whole noodle thing start? It's an inside joke from my really good friend's community. Basically I wasn't eating one night and everyone made me muckbang on stream to ensure I took care of myself. I choked on the noodles from my meal, and now I ALWAYS make sure to eat my noods! - Why are you so damn loud? I'm Sicilian. I'm not loud. I'm just passionate! So Expect to hear me cursing my brains out and waving my arms around!