I'm a variety PC-only (as of current) streamer who likes to talk about various subjects pertaining to the game being played (unless it's a game like Cuphead or Hades, which require total concentration), a member of the Dadrock community in Minecraft, and an overall quiet but fun-loving guy.

About Me

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Thank you for checking out my channel! Greetings! I am Shinigami Miroku, a PC streamer (though a goal is to buy a Switch and stream Nintendo games as well). I'm currently in college, preparing to become a teacher, but in the meantime I figure I can share my love (and sometimes frustrations) of videogames with others. I primarily play RPGs, but have been known to dabble in other genres. My favorite games are Super Smash Bros., Final Fantasy VIII, and Cuphead - though there are many others. Currently I live in Louisiana, though I go to school in Texas (yay, Southern summers...), so while school is in session I probably won't stream often but it will be a priority.

Chat Rules

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Some specifics (though not all) are covered below, but this is the standard: "Do (in this case, speak) to others as you would want them to do (speak) to you." - This is family-friendly, so no swearing/lewdness whatsoever. - No politics/etc. unless I bring something up (and I usually won't) - Please refrain from self-promotion; it's a social faux-pas that is very much frowned upon. If you want me to check out your stream, then DM me (but be prepared for rejection, as streamers in general do not have the time to check out every new streamer) - I am fluent in only one language, so please be respectful by speaking only in English; while I can understand a smattering of Spanish and a few other languages, I am not conversant in them. - If you have a lot of money, then that's good! Don't flaunt it, however; not everyone is as in good a position as you, and "pride comes before disaster". Relax and have fun!


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If you wish to tip/donate, please click the link above. It links to my PayPal through Streamlabs (SL doesn't get any of the tip, so no worries there; it just helps me keep track).