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♥ Art and Cosplay Adventures ♥

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If you'd like to help fund my projects with a donation, you can do so via [TwitchAlerts]( is the minimum donation that will appear on the stream and up will also get your name written on a bat and hung on my board! I also have an [Amazon Supply Wishlist]( if you want to donate materials. Support from viewers helps me cover the cost of the materials I need and lets me to make even *more* things! I also have a P.O. box: > - Shino-X > - PO Box 219, > - CHANHASSEN MN 55317
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I will do my best to keep streaming times consistent, but if there are any changes they'll be posted to my Twitter account and/or Facebook+Instagram! > + [Twitter]( > + [Instagram]( > + [RedBubble]( > + [KoFi]( > + [Etsy](
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Mon: 6 pm-10pm CST Fri: 6 pm-10pm CST (Games) Sat: 6pm - ??? CST I try to stay pretty consistent, but sometimes I throw new evenings/mornings in, or take a night off if I need a break.


How long have you been cosplaying / When did you start? > - Since 2013! A friend from my illustration streams got me hooked! My first convention was in 2012, but I just went in normal clothing. XD What is your camera current setup? > - I use two C920 Logitech webcams for my face cam and desk overhead view. Is that your real hair? > - Probably not lol. I wear a lot of wigs on stream to mix things up. Favorite Zelda game? > - Ocarina of Time, but I have a major soft spot for Majora's Mask, Windwaker and Minish Cap.