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Full time College Student distracted by Competitive Shooters, MMOs, and Soulsborne games. Appreciate all and any support.

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Donate (Only if you want to) will help me save up money to invest in better streaming equipment and more to make this stream to happen more! All donations are appreciated! <3 ------ This is protection to the streamer, for the tip being received. By clicking on the Tip with Paypal button and completing the transaction you hereby certify you are the rightful owner of the funds being donated in this transaction and cannot be withdrawn / charged back. We have a 100% no refund policy, only donate if you have the money to donate and the money is yours. Thanks!
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Setup - HD C920 Webcam - Default Ps4 Controller - Astro A50s Monitor - Asus VG245H - BenQ XL2411K PC Specs - Ryzen 9 5900x - RTX 3080 - 32 GB Ram - 1 TB SSD - 2 TB HDD