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The music on stream is brought to you by Difference Studio! They make royalty free music for content creators. Learn more here: Enter this code to buy 4 beats for the price of one Shiveria10diff

Tempo Storm

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I offically joined temp storm. click the image to learn more!
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I'm Shiveria or Ryleigh and I stream for fun and laughs with friends in MMORPG's! I am here to help spread love and be a light in these weird times we are in. You should follow me on the advetures of life and gaming as we all try to figure out how to cope <3


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Always appreciated! If you choose to send tips you are agreeing that you are the owner of all funds sent and that you cannot refund the transaction. Be responsible and thank you in advance!

New World Content Creator

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Proud Humble partner!

Shiv is now a humble partner! So if you make a humble bundle purchase use the link and support the stream! Click this link: (or copy paste) (image WIP)

Lost Ark

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Shadowverse is a AAA multiplayer turn-based card game with a fun–loving community of over 1 million daily players!
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Here are some rules that I came up with please behave accordingly: - Please speak in English - No Backseat Gaming - Be respectful - Behave according to the Twitch Guidelines - Don't be overly dramatic, childish or disruptive Breaking the rules will resolve in a timeout or ban immediately.
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For only 4.99 or a free Twitch Prime Sub you can subscribe to my channel and gain the following benefits: - Active particapation in Subgoals - Exclusive Discord Role and Text Channel - Kitty Emotes - Ad Free Streams This is one of the best ways to support me as a content creator so please do consider doing it! Sub Goals 25 - Giveaway for game of your choice any platform! 30- Shiv buys a VR headset come next paycheck and plays phasmaphobia in VR 40- coloring stream 50- viewers choise stream!
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CPU AMD Ryzen 7 1700x GPU GTX 1070 ti HDD 2tb SSD 240 gb

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