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Hiya! I'm Shoelaces. I stream very rarely. I don't have a schedule but if you wanna come watch feel free. From the UK. They or She, depending on the day. Autistic. I used to stream regularly, but don't do so anymore. I first started streaming in like 2017? I think?

About Me

Hi, I'm Shoelaces, but you can also call me Hallow. I'm from the UK. I stream sometimes. She/They | Autistic > I like TTRPGs, I play video games sometimes, I'm learning Japanese. In terms of creative things, I used to draw a bit but I haven't in like a year, I write rarely, and I'm extremely slowly working on a TTRPG. > I'm bad at updating this so I'll just tell you I was born in 1999 and you can work out roughly how old I am. > Usually I'll probably stream Overwatch?, Hades?, or Duolingo? I might stream other things too. IDK WHAT I STREAM IT HAS BEEN A WHILE > I used to stream almost daily but now I stream rarely when I feel like it as I don't speak properly and it hurts my voice to talk for so much at once.

Notes on Stream Assets

> > Chat Overlay - Chat Bubbles by Zaytri > > Events Overlay is the stream labs events list using slightly customised css based on the slick theme > > Fonts on most stream things (excluding the panels) are usually Big Noodle Tilting or Comic Neue # Vroid Model Attribution: I made the model myself using Vroid Studio, but, it does use some assets made by other people. Those things are listed here: > > Lip texture by chaoticblossoms on booth []( > > The graphic on the clothing by Hardae on pixabay []( > > Earrings by ワンダホ (wonderfulp) on booth [](

♥ Community Rules ♥

These rules apply to my twitch, my discord, and anywhere else that you interact with other members of the community. > First of all, this should be obvious but you will not break the TOS of the platform you are using or the law while acting as a member of the community. > Also, Follow both the twitch and discord community guidelines. > Okay, now that’s out of the way. > > No discrimination, discriminatory language, prejudice, etc. (So no racism, xenophobia, ableism, antisemitism, islamophobia, transphobia, homophobia, sexism, etc.) > > Don’t be creepy, just don’t. > > Don’t be mean. > > Respect and be kind to your fellow chat members. > > Please try to avoid venting or bringing up heavy topics. > > Please try to avoid bringing up any potentially uncomfortable topics (like current news, anything sexual, detailed discussion of horror media, death, religion, drama, generally the current state of the world, etc.). If anyone expresses discomfort with a topic, please move on immediately. > > Use common sense; if you think something is bad or could get you into trouble it probably will, so don’t. > That’s about it but this list is subject to change and this is not a conclusive list of rules; refer to the previous rule.

Miscellaneous Things

# a note on the captions I have automatic english closed captions turned on on my stream. > Unfortunately however, they often seem to lag out and voice recognition in general does struggle picking up my voice. > I apologise for any inconvenience and frustration caused. > I imagine it is better than not having them at all, however, they barely work. I am extremely sorry. # Pronouns Yo so you see the pronouns in the chat overlay, right? > If you want yours to show up there when you chat, go to [here]( and login, then you can select an option from the drop down. > Also, if you want to see other chatters' pronouns in your own chatbox, you can either install the browser extension on that page, or (as I would recommend) install the [FrankerFaceZ]( extension and enabling the pronouns addon. (I recommend FFZ because it lets you customise other parts of your twitch experience and see non-twitch emotes.) (Also to note you can also do this in OBS, there should be tutorials about it on youtube if you google it.) # Wait are you a vtuber now? Hi, so you might have noticed the vtuber model thing... > I wouldn't neccisarily call myself a vtuber. I just kinda like made a model for fun using vroid studio and then spent like 2 whole days on it in the space of like 5 days so yeah lmao idk. # a note on languages I can only speak English, but, I'd like to learn more. > I'm learning Japanese at the moment (to note I know almost nothing), and I studied Spanish for a few years in school but I have basically forgotten all I knew (and I wasn't good at it anyway). > One day, in addition to learning Japanese, I'd like to learn Chinese (specifically Mandarin and Cantonese), French, German, Korean, Norwegian, Scottish Gaelic, and Spanish... but I very much doubt I will learn any of them. I still don't know if I'll ever learn Japanese well enough, so time will tell, I suppose. # すみません、日本語が分かりません。 イギリス人です。あたしはノンバイナリーです。 あたしは日本の言葉を少ししか知りません。 日本語がわかりたい。