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pre-debut vtuber | currently in the process of getting everything set up (aka. model design, actual L2D model, etc..) so please bear with me c: | formally VTuberAni

About me

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Hello o/ I'm Shoyo Aniki, You can call me Sho for short! I am just a gamer who decided to become an anime person and stream. I usually only play fps games but I'm always trying out new games that my friends recommend or that you guys recommend as well!


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Current emotes: [deni]( Main png: [choco]( Starting soon: Myself Overlay + JC Screen + BRB Screen:[@amisuhzu](

Chat Rules

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- Be kind and respectful to one another! - No politics or religion in the chat please - Follow Twitch TOS - Only English in chat please


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!roulette !slots !8ball !duel !lurk !uptime !followage !socials

setup stuff

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pc specs - AMD Ryzen 7 5800X EVGA GeForce RTX 3060 4x 8gb ram 1tb storage keyboard - ducky one 2 mini/cherry mx red switches mouse - glorious model o mic - elgato wave 3


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PLEASE don't feel like you have to donate! All donations will be put back into making streams better and VTubing means. As always I greatly appreciate anyone who donates ccc: