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Just a dood playing some games. I like to think I'm pretty fun and i make myself laugh so if others laugh I'll feel less weird


Sunday, Monday, Wednesday - No Stream Tuesday Thursday - 9 - 11 Central Friday, Saturday 10pm - 1am Central Times are likely to change so discord is the best way to stay updated!
#Basics **Name:** Shrub **Age:** The letter G **What do you play?:** A wide variety **Youtube:** I dont want to talk about it **Favorite fruit?** Apples **What kind of shrub are you?** bit personal don't ya think? ********** # PC SPECS **Graphics card:** GTX 1070 FTW **Processor:** Intel i7-77000k processor 4.20 GHz **RAM:** 16GB **Motherboard:** MSI B150 Gaming M3


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This is a discord link

If you feel like wasting money on me

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