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Citizen of Earth C-137. Notorious for potato aim. Reviving this dead channel is going to be fun. ☮️❤️👾🌿&🥀

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Welcome to The Strange A little about me :-D ~My IRL name is Patrick, but Pat works too. So does Sic, Scents, or just Dude. It isn't that important to me. ~I do suffer from a pretty severe case of PTSD and also have seizures, so one of my main goals is to teach and learn about both of those subjects and Mental Health in general. So let's talk! ~I am an open book, so ask away… And Lastly: ~You all are so special and I love you so much!!! Always remember that <3 <3 <3 (To Infinity and Beyond)
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(Click Sic Rick to be redirected to my donation page) All donations are Super unnesecarry but even more super loved! It all goes back into the stream so I can provide you all with entertainment :D