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Gaming Biz Dev & Chill-yet-Chaotic Creator playing ARPG, MMO, and Strategy games | Let's talk fave Taco Bell orders and gym routines | 🐯

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Hello friends, I'm Ryan! -I'm 30, from & still living in California. -First game was Crash Bandicoot -Studied Philosophy at CSU Chico Intro/Outro songs made by [Opus Science Collective.]( Thanks for stopping by :)
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All tips go to supporting the stream! Thank you <3
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Hello! I only speak English, so please use English. As for rules, - Treat others how you want to be treated - No hate speech or promotion of hate groups - Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated - Keep all discussions civil - No unsolicited promotion of any kind (other channels, Discord servers, etc.) - No spamming - No spoilers - No inappropriate or offensive usernames - Do not link any NSFW or NSFW suggestive content - Respect the mods - Do not discuss moderation topics in chat. Discuss actions against you with mods in DMs. * Breaking the channel rules may lead to a ban. This is your only guaranteed warning.