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Just your non typical alpha female. I gamble and do a lot of things your parents warned you about. When it comes down to it though, I'm AWESOME!!! I have a little boy and I'm probably older than you think. I like to play around, but I do have boundaries ... Click this image or link to join my discord channel Right now we are working on an exercise program which will consist of 30 minute streams or longer. League of Legends and Red Dead Redemption 2 are also still in the mix and even some Fortnite!


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If you are a streamer or just enjoy being a part of the great Twitch community, you are welcome to join TwitchNet Discord. A lot of exciting stuff going on Peace and love together we grow - Our community is a family which includes everyone on twitch - all streamers, mods, viewers - everyone has their own unique talents - come share yours <3


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Come listen to the world's greatest rock station!!! Request line open and 24 hour music - Check out our other DJs or apply to be a DJ here


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Money can't buy my love, but it can buy me stuff to make my stream better for you! Monies collected will go towards stream enhancements, contests & giveaways, charities and however else I see fit.


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Make sure to FOLLOW me on TWITTER !!! I ain't no holla back girl, but I am a follow back girl ;)


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US Friendly site use or click on image to download


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Join me at EveryGame Poker for a variety of games! Click the image above or here to join


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US Friendly Site site use or click image to download


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So many of you guys know me because I MOD many many channels... I will just list everyone I support by modding their channels here:
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Join me at Stock Poker use bonus code SIGHTGASM when signing up. Eventually I'd like to run a home game with a cash game "losers" table.

Flamingo Clothing

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Trying out a new reward system where you can pick what I wear! Go to and pick out anything within the spend range! Lingerie and swimwear are off the list! Other than that, provided they have the size I need, I will purchase the clothing and wear it on stream! You can also purchase the clothing I wear directly with bits or donations! Post the link to the clothing with your redemption!