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SilentSentry is a variety caster with a focus in new releases, open world sandbox games, and first person shooters. High quality stream with a heavy sense of community. You can catch the channel live M-W-F @ 6pm EST! Check out for my top clips!

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Tips are something that will never be asked for, nor expected. However, If you do choose to tip I ask that you ensure that you are financially stable and financially responsible enough to do so. ***** As mentioned in the support panel, the **BEST** way to support the channel is by watching and being a part of the community. If you still wish to do more than that, you can use the [Amazon]( link, share the channel with friends, or check out my [YouTube]( channel in addition to watching the stream. ***** ##What will my tip be used for? + Ensuring equipment is satisfactory and in good condition so the stream is able to continue running uninterrupted + Ensuring any **necessary** upgrades are taken care of to keep up with the constant demands of growing technology + I create content full-time. That being said your tip will help out with living expenses if other revenue sources don't cover them.
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#Avoid Drama Discussions are fine, but if you want to argue take it to a DM. If someone says something you don't like, feel free to use the ignore function. ***** # Follow Twitch Tos/Code of Conduct This channel has a zero tolerance policy regarding Twitch [Tos]( / [CoC]( violations. It is your responsibility to know and follow these guidelines. ***** # Stream Sniping Stream sniping is against the Twitch [Code of Conduct]( Don't risk getting your account banned over something so pointless. ***** # Links Do not attempt to post links not directly relevant to the stream, game, or conversation. This includes promotion and advertising. ***** #Politics/Religion Some topics are just unable to be discussed in a room of hundreds of people. Try to avoid these two topics unless initiated by the broadcaster.