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I'm a gamer, streamer, writer, and all around nerd, a middle-aged lover of chaos and drama (only in game, kthx), and I stream the Sims 4! Thanks to EA for making me part of their Creator Network -- join us if you like a warm, creative community!

Values & Standards

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18+ stream, due to wacky violence and occasionally saucy content. I will ban for anything that makes me & my community uncomfortable. Don't be a knob, treat me & each other with respect.

Hi! Hi! Hi!

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I'm a variety streamer who plays simulation & building games -- I specialize in quirky gameplay and collaborations with my stream members! My current schedule is (all times Pacific US): Monday 9AM-12PM Wednesday 9AM - 12PM Thursday 9AM - 12PM Plus occasional bonus streams! My AMAZING mods are OxfordSplice, Eimajunknown, Tinkerbombb, Salsidomedia, SmokyGlo, and HufflePom.


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Here are some commands you can use in the stream: !challenge -- what's our current build challenge? !letitgo -- Michele stop being obsessive about your build, move ON !lurk -- go off and be quiet and do things, it's FINE. !back -- you have returned, yaaaay! !save -- omg Michele save your builds! !lights -- Michele, we can't SEE anything! !hydrate and !stretch -- remind everyone to engage in self-care! !hug (name) -- give someone a hug! !8ball -- ask the magic 8-ball any question !yoink -- that idea it is GENIUS !coffee - guess. ;)

Gameplay & Build Mods (Sims)

I use the following mods in my game: TOOL and BetterBuildBuy - MCCC - UI Cheats - If you use any of these mods, consider dropping the modders a donation through Patreon or their alternate preferred methods!