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My name is Simbatha and I am a Variety streamer with a heart of gold and the mouth of a sailor. Come pop in, say hi, watch me struggle through these games and join my growing community!

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5/5: Screams of delight and panic and wholesome aggressive compliments. I love everything about them and would gladly move in and raise cats. -PlayerSpotted 3.5/5 too much french not enough pastry (Joking aside, I will certainly get round to the streams after my move) - ProvenDestroyer 10/10: Batha is the one person who has made me laugh to tears several times in a single stream. She is the most entertaining streamer I know. And she is pretty cool - GreyQrowe 4/5: I love the energy, the interaction and the screams of both fear and hoy, the only thing that I dislike it's that the streams happened when I can't watch most of the time - Javt_Vincent 10/10: It's fun and chill time, very comfy. Already scared of them because my joke direct to a convoluted plot against me, orchestrated by Batha (Also cute pixel bun on stream and on emotes, hecking adorable) - Rushdell 9.5/10: a chaotic mess but in a good way. The energy that the streams give off is addictive and it's always a pleasant place to turn up to - Toditodi6 9.5/10: A Chaoticly Great Time, where anything can go from 0-100 in a second and in a good way. Also loves to react with the crowd and also just clicks with almost any personality. Also isn't afraid to try new and difficult content. Just remember Grand Cross Omega! - Onyxavenger


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1) No Racism, Homophobia, Sexism or Discriminatory behavior. If a Bond villain would say it, don't do it. 2) Respect pronouns, or yours will be "banned" and "blocked" 3) No self promotion, unauthorized links or Raid backseating. 4) No politics, unless it is about the socioeconomic repercussions of the inflation of Gil on FF14 marketboards 5) Ask about backseating, if you keep telling me how to drive Ill turn this car around and no more Disneyland


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For after hours tomfoolery and laughs you can join our Coffee and Croissants discord!


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If you feel like tipping your Croissant you can click the link above.


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Twitter: @simbatha2 Instagram: simbatha_


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If you think I did all of this by myself you are sorely mistaken. Here are the list of the lovely people who have helped my stream along: Vtuber art: OverlordGhostie VTuber Rigging: MarbleTeki PNG Art: Indrid Raid VA: Renauld Starting Soon Music: Zer0_Drayton Croissant Emote: @Sam_mathe70 Croissant Logo: @nikocrushing Blueberry Emotes/Tiers: @garo_creator (Fiverr) Layout: PopScream (Etsy)


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While I am a Variety streamer here are my frequent haunts: + Final Fantasy 14 Online + Darkest Dungeon + Halo + Genshin Impact