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I am 28 years old, currently in school for a BA in Psychology, with the goal of Law School or a Masters in Psychology. My peak weight in 2019 was 350lbs, and I am currently around ~180lbs. I have mastered discipline, self accountability, and believe that mindset and concrete planning can allow anyone to accomplish literally any goal - so please ask me anything. Almost all donations, subscriptions, and channel revenue goes directly back into the stream. Our team consists of 5 full time employees, and all extra revenue goes towards cost of living / content / school / [](


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• Nothing hateful. • Treat others with respect, and kindness. We're just here to have a good time. • No politics pls • I reserve the right to ban you for seemingly no reason because it made me happy. * Send your ban appeals [here](
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$3 song request (when available) >:]