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playing games casually for forever! I do chainmaille and other random arts and crafts but don't have a reliable way to show those! ps4 master race!

About Sintrosi

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Hello, My name is Sintrosi! (Sin-Troe(like toe)- see) I am a father to an amazing daughter and husband to the universes best wife! I am a trucker who works for a delivery company and I stream my drives when I can! I am also a PS4 gamer, and am slowly working on a computer! I love anything renaissance! I do chainmaille and metalsmithing (both weapon and armor), I do some leather working and sewing, but i also dabble in lots of other crafts! eventually we will be doing all these on streams!

donations or tipping o.o

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This is here for those that want to do more to help support my stream. All donations tips and bitties are going right back into this stream! Whether as PS game requests or even for those wanting to help me get my PC built! Now by all means subs and donos are never required to be here. I love everyone who comes and just chats but for those intrested just click on the image!

PS4 games

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Lets start here! my PSN is Goggles1991 I love to play games with others and meeting new people on PS! I play games in party chat a lot but do request you be older than 20 since i do keep my chats less restrained xD some ps4 games FF14 FF15 TERA Warframe Brawlhalla Dead by daylight Friday the 13th and so much more!

Social media o.o

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Welcome to the social media link! If I did this right the picture will link you to my twitter! But I am also on facebook at and I am on discord at Sintrosi#1085 I am the absolute worst though at social media but if you PM me on Twitch as well there might be better luck at getting ahold of me!