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Its Spanish but in English you say it {cyber-netick-aaahhh!}. I'm sometimes funny

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##Welcome to where we only play for fun! She/her/dude/pal trying to "play" video games while keeping it Y-7. I'm all things cute, cuddly, pastels n rainbows but also screamo, emo, angst, black liner, headbanger. I'm mediocre gamer at best. I like games in the genres of Cute, Puzzles, RPGs, Spooky and anything Co-op. Im a HUGE fan of anything pixilated! *just check out the Art section* ###Sometimes you can catch me over at [Blammerbros]( ##Significate Dates + Went Live for real: 01/26/2021 + Twitch Affiliate: 03/26/2021 ##If you wanna know something, ask
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I tend to be busy with life outside of Twitch so i stream when i can. Make sure to follow on twitter thats where you can see going live announcements and polls!
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##We all know better so lets behave or you will be banned.
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Me, [OheyCarls]( & [Shleytaylor_]( share a discord! We all met through twitch almost two years ago~! Get all of our stream updates and post pics of your cute pets!!


Click [Rght Here](Https:// to see all the commands some even have sounds to them!


##Trailer editing Ben, Benjenvolio [Twitch]( ##Emote Art ArtAttAckie [Twitch]( LunaLutra [Twitch]( ##Pixel Art Dradpunx [Twitch]( Make sure to go check them out!, tell em Siver sent ya