Hello, I'm sunne and the rabbit girl is my mascot Sixue, the lazy bun of the Garden Circle! I poorly play games. Please visit all the Zodiacs at https://twitter.com/garden_circle!

Chat Rules

1. No racism, homophobia, sexism, sexual content, politics or religious discussions. 2. English preferred. 3. Avoid sharing personal information.

Chat Commands

!welcome !lurk !unlurk !so @username !uptime !hug @username !game !death !discord !rps @username !cookie @username !commands - link to stream avatar's comannd list

Games Log

Currently Playing: Gujian3 Tears of Themis SOLO Sword and Fairy 6 Completed: Tales of the Black Forest with Izumi / twitch : onebells On Hold: OMORI - Due to PC reformat and save being lost