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Siz16 streams Resident Evil 4, Psychonauts 2 and Super Metroid.

Welcome to my Channel!

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Howdy all. My name is "Siz16" but you can just call me "siz" if you'd like. I stream and chat through my PS4. If you like what I'm playing or have any questions or general comments, let me know. I'm always down to interact with fellow gamers! (cringe)

PS4 Game Catalog

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A [list]( of all the games I have on PS4. To be used with the "Request a Stream Game" Sizbucks reward or if you're just nosy.


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Donations are NOT necessary at all and I'd rather you didn't donate to me. However, if you really want to, the link is here. Any money will be put toward games to stream in the future!

Chat Commands

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!quote Displays a random quote. !addquote [text] Adds a quote to the database !gamble [number] Gamble your SizBucks on a dice roll! !8ball [question] Ask the 8-Ball a question and get a response!

Social Media

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Follow me on [Twitter]( so you know when I plan on streaming. Subscribe to me on [Youtube]( to watch any VODs.