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Hello Everyone, My name is Skeiy(sky) or call me Tora! So little bit about me: I'm casual gamer/streamer that loves mostly FPS,RPG games, also I'm Japanese.


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-Please respect everyone in the channel and myself ! please please! I do not want to block or timeout anyone for just chillen in my channel.... -Avoid spamming in chat unless I say so -No self promoting unless mods or myself promotes you -Please don't spam me invites, make sure to send me message(no spam also) to see if I got open slot! -Stay Chill -Enjoy!


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Still trying to figure out when im gonna stream but ill start using discord/twitter more often to let everyone know with my stream schedule!


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I have my personal Discord for Anyone to join to talk to me when I'm offline! Come join my hut! [](


Games that I play right now -Destiny 2 Mostly -Apex Legends -Will add more games in the future! -mostly random games when im bored -give me some recommendations as well!


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To help me out with my Streaming Quality and/or to be able to play new games, You can tip [](! Or Click on the Banner Put "Any" Suggestions to games, equipments, etc!!