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Hi, I’m Skram and I’ve been a Twitch affiliate since Feb. 2020. Love being apart of the community and sharing good times with friends. I play FPS, looter shooters, and scary games, but also love giving back with a #giveaway too. Thanks for the support and don’t forget to hit that follow button! ❤️

About Me!

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Hi, I’m Skram! I have always loved gaming and do it as much as time dictates between working full time, graduate school part time, and nurturing personal relationships. Come join, engage, and ask me questions! I want to get to know you too! Hope you have fun! If you want to get in contact with me, whisper me!

Chat Rules

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DO: - Have fun and follow! - Comment/ask questions! Like I said, I want to get to know you! - Be respectful! - Be polite to others if we are playing together. DO NOT: - Make racist/homophobic/hate speech. If you do it, you WILL be banned. This is a safe place for all. - Post links unless you are a sub - Advertise yourself or another streamer. That is disrespectful. - Try to not sell anything or promote anything without my permission. Follow these rules and again, have fun. Thank you!


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I primarily game on PC and like to stream a variety of games. I do own a PS4 and would be open to PS4 streams but currently it isn't an option. I do however game on PS4 from time to time. Aside from those, I also own an Oculus Rift and enjoy gaming on that as well!


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Streaming will occur after work and/or school during the weekdays around 7-7:30pm EST. Weekends are a bonus but due to COVID-19, I have been streaming more! Please join the discord for my go live notifications (everyone is welcome!) I am currently a variety streamer! If you would like to see me stream something specific, let me know! I am open to more games! :)

The Flock

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We're The Flock! We like to game, be weird, and share our passion for gaming with you! We're all new still, but, if you want to check us out, click the links below and don't forget to follow! CAW CAW! [Harfmil]( [Sgt__Salad]( [KreyBoy]( [Only_Asher]( P.S. Click the panel above to join our joint discord! :)


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First off, thank you for considering to monetarily support the stream, but, it is by no means necessary. Your presence in stream is all that I would want. However, if you'd like to subscribe, you'll have special benefits such as: 9+ CUSTOM Emotes Sub Badge No ads Be able to post links (nothing obscene, please) Thank you for considering this option to further support the stream! <3
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