Heeeello, I'm Sky, a member of the zodiac VTuber group Garden Circle as the Dragon Anjie! I mostly stream art, but will occasionally stream games. My current schedule will be maintained until the end of August, at when I will reduce the number of streams to once a week.

Commands List

!socials !stream !discord !donate !lurk [your name] (example: !lurk rei) !blind (sends out reminder to not give game spoilers) !game (find out what game I'm playing) !comm (commissions info) !so [username] (mod use only) Zodiac group related: !faq !gardencircle !izumisocials !sixuesocials !yinsocials !minhasocials !reisocials !yunsocials !multi (to get a link to watch all streamer POVs at once)


Tablet: Huion KAMVAS GT-191 Art Program: Clip Studio Paint PRO PNGtuber program: [だれでもVtuber](https://96enu.booth.pm/items/2495966) In the future I may stream work in Live2D, Toonboom Harmony, Maya, Zbrush and/or Blender.

Games Log

+ Heaven's Vault + The Talos Principle + The Witness + Ori and the Blind Forest + Little Nightmares + Dark Souls III + Undertale (Sans Saturdays) + Genshin Impact + FFXIV