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We stream on Sat/Sun. Keep updated at Our memes: Youtube: SkySkySentai Clips


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Height: 175 Age: 5 million (according to him) Birthday: 7th July Race: Human Power: Fire Likes: Chocolate, Fighting, lots of anime Dislikes: Horror, Spicy things Hobbies: Defeating demons Languages: English/Naruto Occupation: Hero Summary: Ever since he defeated the demon king, he hasn’t had much to do except take out bandit camps or monster nests. He spends his time taking extermination requests from people, and, when he’s bored, he plays video games. Finding the sentai was a blessing in disguise for him. Though he considers them idiots, they’re fun to play with. The drawback is...well, they’re all idiots. He has one rule he lives by, one that he constantly reminds his sentai: “The first rule of being a hero: Don’t lose.”


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Height: 150 Age: ?? Birthday: 3rd March Race: Wolf Power: Wood Likes: Chocolates, Ice cream, Red Dislikes: Red, spiders Hobbies: Reading Languages: English Occupation: IT expert Summary: Ever since Red rescued her and her sister, Black felt like she owed a great debt to the tall-haired Hero. She answers to Red’s beck and call, and, to her dismay, found that he has no shortage of demands. The hero keeps her busy every day, but, he doesn’t force her away from her family. Recently, she’s found herself accustomed to his once-intolerable attitude.


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Height: 2m (could become taller) Age: No records found. Could be from Qing dynasty Birthday: 12th December Race: Zombie Power: Selling milo like hotcakes, the ability to dig and travel through time and space, Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint Likes: customer satisfaction and driving sales Dislikes: Garlic, holy water, rain Hobbies: selling products and empowering future generation of sales leaders Languages: mandarin, english, anime Occupation: merchant, head of zombie rights association Summary: Getting to know Brown is a double-edged sword. On the surface, he’s a gentle and trustworthy person. Beneath, he’s trying to turn a profit from you. He’s never in one place for long, always following the scent of money in the wind. Not much is known about him; even the fact that he’s a zombie is well-hidden. In any case, as a merchant, he prides himself on reliability. His wares are never faulty. careful when you buy from him. Always read the fine print.


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Height :152cm Age: GOLDEN AGE Birthday: 5th May Race: Minotaur Power: Golden touch, somehow gets into accidents a lot that breaks people’s bones Likes: MONEY, CHAOS, smell of gasoline, Nice/Abstract looking beings Dislikes: bean sprouts, horror games Hobbies: Scamming money, drawing money. Languages: ALIEN Occupation: FUTURE RICH KING Summary: She likes money; she likes gold. Luckily, money comes her way easily. Unluckily, she spends them easily too. Her greatest asset is her monstrous strength, but she’s too much of a coward to fight in the front lines so it all goes to waste. Her friendly disposition allows her to get along with anyone; the problem is, she can barely remember the people she met too. Indeed, SkySkyGold is, in essence, full of pros and cons.


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Height: 30cm (??? form), 156cm (Human form) Age: Unknown Birthday: Unknown Race: Legendary ??? Power: Sending people to sleep, water gun. Demanding. Likes: Sleeping, food, money Dislikes: Anything that bothers her sleep, people who abandon their children Hobbies: Demanding things from people Languages: English, Weeb Occupation: Daughter of the Universe Summary: Recruiting SkySkyAoi was Red’s biggest regret. She claims to be his daughter any chance she gets in order to extort things from him; usually money. And he isn’t her only victim. If she sees anyone with money, she’ll pull off the daughter act, often causing a huge misunderstanding between her poor victims and their wives. Brown and Black doesn’t seem to mind though, and does anything she asks of them. Her main power is sleeping, and with the power of her crystal, everyone around her falls into a deep slumber; be it friend or foe. This is a power that Red considers to be the strongest in their team. Unfortunately, she only sleeps when she feels like it and implementing it in battle is something he still struggles with.


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Height: 1**cm Age: ***yrs old Birthday: Feb Race: Elf Power : Recycling Likes : Green Tea Dislikes : Color Green Hobbies: Drawing, learning different languages Languages: ByeLingual Occupation: All Day Summary: Free time? Zero. Work? Infinite. That is the life of the illustrator, SkySkyMidori. She almost never leaves her room because of her deadlines and trying to contact her is next to impossible. Somehow, though, she managed to become fast friends with SkySkyAoi and the two became inseparable. Not only is she a good artist, she loves learning new words in different languages. She’s talented in many ways, but Red considers her the second-worst in the Sentai when it comes to awareness. After all, she doesn’t even remember how she got her crystal, or when she discovered her powers, or...even how her powers worked, until he saw her use it and explained it to her. Also, she often forgets where she is or what she was doing. Help her. Please.