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Slayer_Requiem streams Minecraft and Dead Space 3.

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Welcome to the Legion. Welcome to the game! I am SlayerRequiem, an avid gamer focusing on First Person Shooters, Asymmetric Survival horror, and some more particular picks for your viewing pleasure as we march across the world, claiming one more system as our own. The focus of the Legion is camaraderie, as I am here to show you the way, I want everyone here to have a good time, and I will provide such sights to show you all. Some of my current favorite games are: Apex Legends Dead by Daylight League of Legends Rainbow Six: Siege Warhammer 40k: Gladius Come check it out. Come for the Game. Stay for the Legion! K6KFZW


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1. This is a place for comradery, and friendly banter. Please show each other respect, and do not hurt your fellow Legionary, for a wound to one, is a wound to all. 2. Do not post links, or spam the chat. Punishment falls upon those who do not respect the forum that we all share. 3. Do not come in and make demands of those in the chat, or the Supremacy. There is a time and a place for everything. 4. Refrain of inflammatory topics, this is a place to escape from the cold realms beyond the march. We are here to enjoy our time, and space together. 5. Enjoy the Forum, enjoy the Supremacy's broadcast. Have fun!


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Hey Legionaries! Thank you for your support, if you are so willing to add a monetary commitment to your name as a member of the Legion, I will be eternally grateful. Click the banner above to donate! Rewards for Donations: [Donation Rewards]( Current Giveaway Rewards (Subscribers): Day of Giveaway: Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Next Stream Giveaway: Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered These giveaways will happen when the Subscriber goal is met!


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Come one, come all! The Halls of Requiem's Legion call to you! Here you can enjoy the songs of the bard, and keep up to date with the Legion's activities, including giveaways, extra stream nights, and special events! Click on the banner above, or type !discord to get the link!


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Follow me here, and you will hear when the channel comes on, when events are coming up, and other updates straight from me! You can click on the Twitter banner to find my twitter there!