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I stream Super Metroid, and sometimes other things | she/her

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#Personal Bests (PBs): **Super Metroid:** + Any% KPDR - [43:46]( + Any% PRKD - [42:11]( + Low% Ice - [51:25]( + 100% Items - [1:16:11]( + RBO - [1:05:31]( + GT Spacetime - [15:04]( + GT Classic - [33:36]( + Ceres Escape - [46'96]( + RAMBO - [1:30:15]( + Any% All Bosses - [46:59]( **Ori and the Blind Forest DE:** + All Skills no OOB no TA - [36:02]( For a full listing of my times, click the panel above. Most times are posted on my [YouTube]( channel.
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#Hardware/Software: **[Gaming PC](** AMD Ryzen 5 1600, EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB **[USB3HDCAP Capture Card](** The capture card I use to record/stream all of my game systems. **[Open Source Scan Converter (OSSC)](** A special device that takes SCART and YPbPr inputs from my SNES/Wii and outputs high quality capture to my monitor and capture card. **[SNES/SFC RGB SCART Cable](** The cable that I use with my SNES and OSSC. **[RAD2X Analogue to Digital Converter Cable](** A special cable I use with my N64 to play on a monitor without adding lag.