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Slush_Dogg streams The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Pokémon Ranger and Portal 2.


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Hey everyone! I'm Raith or slushdog and I've been gaming since the N64 but I've got my hands on a lot of other games. I love FPS and RPG's and some other eclectic stuff, like a rhythm game or platformer. So kick back with the chat and watch some stuff!


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These aren't required, but they are very much appreciated. Since this is currently a hobby any donation would go towards the stream, meaning better equipment so the stream can look better


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🍥Please leave your baggage at the door. There is a time and a place for talking about death and loss, but a livestream isnt it. I offer my condolences but I cant offer much else. I do hope you feel better and hopefully we can distract you from it 🍥 Don't be a butt. If you have to think whether or not it's offensive, then don't post it. And if you wouldn't say it to your mother don't say it here 🍥 Please please please, no backseat gaming and no hints. Puzzles and solving things are part of the game, don't rob me of that. If I'm stuck I will ask very clearly 🍥 Discussion of politics or religion in the chat is prohibited 🍥 No spamming. 🍥 No self promotion or advertising. 🍥 No spoilers nor back-seat gaming. 🍥 Don't ask to be a moderator. 🍥This is a mature stream, if we find out you are not 18 you will be banned


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