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Just your average 25 year old guy with a funny accent :P I make videos and stuff, check them out, or don't, I can't force ya! Twitter - Channel -


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All Bitss are GREATLY appreciated! We also have some special alerts for these Bits amounts!: - Cheer50 - Cheer300 (Choices) - Cheer500 (Shook) - Cheer750 (Opulence) - Cheer1000 (Clap) - Cheer2000 (You better stop scare) - Cheer10000 (Gimmie your money)


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We try to keep a friendly environment, so please respect others and be kind! - Mods and viewers must follow these rules: * No racism / sexism / homophobia / talks about politics. * No sexual comments. * No links without asking for permission. * No backseat gaming; if I need help, I'll ask. * No hating on the game I'm streaming. * Don't spam emotes, letters, words, questions, etc. * Don't complain about being banned (because you probably did something to get banned :P ) * Respect my moderators (they are my friends and part of the crew). Business Enquires -