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Deadpool...Captain Deadpool....Nope just Deadpool

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Legally blind, pansexual mother of two, wife to a streamer, and a very supportive and helpful person. If you have any questions, ask. I play alot of different games via computer and Xbox One. Games include: Skyrim Special Edition, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2, Fate, Borderlands 3, House Flipper, and more. I do not mind if people promote their channels or favorite streamers just be respectful. I don't mind backseat gaming but please do not ruin games. Enjoy yourselves!
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-Treat others the way you would like to be treated. -Respect the mods -Diversity is celebrated here so do not judge others -Follow Twitch's Rules as well as my own. -Do not ruin games (backseat gaming is allowed) -Promoting is ok just be respectful
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My goals are simple. Become Affiliate Get a PC Gain confidence Make a Stream Schedule and stick to it.


Shoutouts to: ~Iqcarriedgamer for the amazing SmokingDeadpool panel, background and my bombtastic sub badges! ~DelightfulFish for all my amazingly badass panels! ~To all the amazing people who feel I am worthy enough for them to follow and watch my streams...THANK YOU!
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Feel free to Donate if you would like. Do not feel like you have to! I appreciate it but please do not feel obligated.
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Join the amazing Legion community! We are Legion and we love to help and support all!!