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85% Lazy 10% Wolf 5% Artist trying out streaming to get my drive to do more then laze about. Thank you all for stopping by, and hope you enjoy your stay.

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*I'm a shy male, born in 1993 who loves gaming, graphic design, and hanging out with friends online. Also very lazy unless truly needed so don't expect a notice or regular streams. The Wolf avatar name is Odiux or oldie since I can't pronoun Latin/Greek (LegatusLex helped with the name).*
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[LostmySanity47]( - *Soulsborne content creator.* [LegatusLex]( - *Son (birb?) of Rome.* [LortheDestroyer]( - *Soulsborne variety streamer.* [TheWhitePharoh]( - *1000 year slumber has ended. Also does pixel art and animations.* [Scotchick360]( - *A Scottish streamer with chill vibes.* #Artists [Knetter]( - *A wonderful woman who did the overlays and panels.* [Candythecane]( - *Emotes made by the wonderful candy.*
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##PC *Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 AMD Ryzen 9 5900 12 Core Processor 16GB RAM* ##Mic *Blue Snowball with pop filter* *OBS*