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Just some Emirati guy trying to stay out of bed. بس إماراتي يحاول انه ما يتم في سريره طول اليوم

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Planned streams

- Okami (100% playthrough) - soon - Bug Fables (??? mode)

Art Credits

(مب لازم أكتب شي بالعربي) Art used on my channel has all been commissioned or otherwise obtained permission for use. The artists are: - Froglet Comics (profile pic) - AxoEmile (6eez emote, sub badges) - Marikyuunn (Ringchamp emote, YES emote) - MrInsomniac (Sweaty emote, Bowser in RFA overlay) - Ramorgi (Dabbu emote) - Ramiro (Love emote) - Ratchet @Asocketwrench (LUL emote) - Cidate (Okami-style characters) - Lubellide00 (Hollow Knight-style characters) The Okami overlay was prepared by Onua. Additionally, the (basis for the) profile banner and offline screen were prepared by Cagt.


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