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Less 'chill' and more 'Low energy with a strong undercurrent of frustration'. I apologize in advance if you came here expecting chill.

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I'm a reptile keeper, and occasionally educator, that also happens to play games. I play mostly Souls, but also quiet a bit of variety and every once in a while I'll actually research a topic and give a lecture.
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This channels Emotes are provided courtesy of ManicGamer23 on twitch, ManicDrawer99 on the instagrams. Check her out for some cool arts.
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I try to find an interesting animal fact for the stream and share it with chat along with the source, usually in the form of a scientific paper.


Not necessary but greatly appreciated. All proceeds go to the animals and improving the stream. This will probably be in the form of paying my electric bill for now but if I ever have any left over I'll be able to buy equipment and stuff to improve the stream.


1. Don't be Rude A. Seriously, you know what I mean by this i. ... I have to spell this out don't I... No derogatory remarks, vulgar comments... Jesus just don't be a complete jerk and we should all get along just fine. 2. Follow twitch T.O.S 3. Try and have fun, you know..... if you want...... really this one's up to you 4. DON'T TAP ON THE GLASS