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League streamer! Primarily a Cassiopeia Streamer! come chill n show the love!


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Ultimate PogChamp: Angrygrim 1st 5$ Donation kiyoshiboy - 20$ Ill always appreciate each and everyone of you guys for joining the channel and seeing what you love while i do what i love, donations are always appreciated, do so if you truly enjoy the content and want to help support!

Twitter! Keep up with current events!

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Be sure to follow the TWEETERS to keep up when ill be live or when ill be launching new content!


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Just like everybody love everybody i guess, not gonna be a hardass on rules just dont be an ass and dont link stuff without my permission, common knowledge stuff otherwise this is a haven of learning and chilling :D


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Normally when i get on since i work an On-Call job with some guaranteed days but i will either be on by: All my time is EST! 1pm( or 2)-6pm (sometimes earlier, sometimes later depending on work) or till i decide to want to stop streaming but i try to be as consistent as possible, if im not on at these times be sure to check my twitter and ill notify if the stream gets delayed!