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Hey there! Melissa, your one and only snake stop for games is here! I've got two hands and one tail ready to mash buttons and make mistakes, so hop along, get cozy in that chat, and let's have some laughs~ PFP by @alexatyan_art on twitter!

Hi There!

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Hey there! Welcome to the stream! Enjoy your stay, read the rules, lean back, chill out :3~


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- Don't be rude, to me or the other viewers. - Stay on game topic as best you can. - Enjoy yourself!


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Wanna support me and get cool stuff too? Subscribe to the channel! Subs get you neat emotes! Peek emote done by:

Twitter! Chirp chirp!

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I announce when I'm streaming, and talk about whatever I'm doing. Mostly inanely.

SnakeMom Youtube!

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Most streams will be archived here, for future reference! Feel free to click and subscribe, if you've missed any streams.