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Just a random sarcastic guy that loves shooters, Rpg's and Japanese imports. Come join me on this journey of dank memes and comfy content!

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Thanks for checking the stream out! I'm a Multi-Game Streamer, mainly i play shooters and survival games (Battlefield, Titanfall, Overwatch, Dying Light). I'm also a big fan of Japanese imports like (Senran Kagura, Hatsune Miku Project Diva, and the SAO series of games) I'm known to be a extremely sarcastic guy and honestly have a hard time taking anything seriously, so be prepared for that! I play new releases, i will post my latest games here and I try to expand our library here monthy! Currently Playing: Far Cry New Dawn | Kingdom Heart's III I haven't created a set streaming schedule but I usually am live between 12am EST to 4am EST most days of the week, Tuesday's will usually be my weekly long stream between 8-12 hours long starting at 4pm EST going until the early hours! I hope you enjoy your time here watching me pursue my passion, you guys are what help me move forward with my dream!


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I'm a growing channel and i love what i do! Every donation means so much to me, and i dedicate that money to help our setup (Capture Card, better Mic) and also our games library here. Thank you for supporting me everyone, i hope we have so many fun times together!


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Ok so, i don't have much of a YouTube profile everyone. But your welcome to check out my music Playlists, i add all my favorite songs in all kinds of Genre's! I listen to mostly Vocaloid Mix's, Trance, Hip-Hop, Anime Mashup's, Reggae, and even a bit of metal!


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Alright Everyone, i'm a pretty relaxed guy with this stuff but i will leave a few ground rules. NO TOXIC CHAT : If you have a issue with someone, please PM me and it will be taken care of instead of going off on them. this is Twitch guys, for all we know the person you attack is having a terrible day. just think before you act rude to someone here. <3 SPAMMING / FULL CAPS / LINKS: ok guys, i will say i'm alright with emote spam. do it until your heart is content! but please everyone do not spam links, or advertise your channel here. In my personal opinion its very rude to a streamer when you try to advertise on their channel, so don't expect to get a loving response if you do it here. HAVE FUN!: Alrighty guys, this is the last but most important rule. i want you to enjoy your time here at the channel "we're all about fun here!" so let me know if anything bothers you or you feel like any changes need to be made. Remember, i'm here for you guys and want to make this a chill fun place for all my viewers! <3 <3