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Variety streamer with a glorious beard.

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I'm Snoogins and i have been a gamer for most of my life. I played alot of World of warcraft and a few other MMO games, I also love to play Moba style games as i have played League of legends since the end of season 2. i am currenty playing Player unknowns battlegrounds which i enjoy due to its mix of Suvival type gameplay and FPS aspect. I hope this gives you a little insight into who i am but if you have any questions just shoot me a question in chat.


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This is my youtube channel, i havent really done much with this channel but i plan to update it once i get my stream up and running properly.


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Come Follow me on Twitter where i tweet updates on when i am streaming and anything else i find intresting.


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Monday 7-12 Tuesday Day Off Wednesday Day Off Thursday 7-12 Friday 7-12 Saturday 7-late Sunday Day Off


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Be apart of the Bear Den and interact with me and my friends out of Stream. have fun post pics and talk about random crap.


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All tips are welcome but not necessary. all tips will go towards making the stream better.


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Don't be an ass in chat Respect my Mods No Spamming Check before posting links Don't ask to join my games unless you chat


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PUBG Overwatch League of Leagends Rocket League GTA V Fortnite Golf IT Rim World Deceit