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Mostly stream card games (Yugioh or Hearthstone) and Nintendo titles. Will see some other stuff too. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to chat!


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I am a casual gamer who streams Yu-Gi-Oh!! I enjoy playing in both competitive and casual settings so you'll see it all here. I enjoy discussing elements of the game, decks, and cards with viewers so feel free to say hello and join the discussion! I also been enjoying everything Nintendo Switch, so feel free to talk with me about those titles and perhaps I'll stream some of them from time to time.
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Sub perks: - Request a Deck for me to build and play! - I'll watch and comment on your submitted duel replay on Stream! - Priority Dueling privileges for new/renewed subs - Access to my discord server sub channel and voice channels - Custom Emote! FlarkChamp


- !bits: See the bits perk list - !decklist: A snapshot of the current build I'm playing - !challenge: Current deckbuilding challenge on challenge nights - !discord: A link to the community discord - !frankerfacez: A list of FrankerFaceZ emotes to use in chat - !youtube: Youtube for highlighted IRL matches and online highlights
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Bit perks: - 100 bits or more: Priority dueling privelges, I'll watch a replay of yours on stream and commentate. Will also review submitted deck profiles. - 300 bits or more: Request which of my decks you want me to grind out games for for a while. Also a video game soundtrack request of your choice (up to half hour loops) - 500 bits or more: Request a deck for me to build and attempt to play, you can even send me deck recipes and I'll play them and give feedback if you like - 1000 bits or more: Chat Deck using only cards suggested to me from the chat, and then I'll jump on and duel with it for a while, even in ranked. All donations will go towards improving and events for the stream. Donation perks are the same as bit incentives with each dollar equaling 100 bits!

Decks I own!

Competitive: - Barrier Statues - Phantasm Spiral Casual: [Variants in parentheses] - Barrel Dragon (Jinzo) - Lost World Dinos - Blue-Eyes (Regular, Berserk Dragon, Ritual, Cosmo Queen) - Legendary Ocean - Insect Ballpark - Skull Servants - Silent Lightsowrn - Prediction Princess (Dice Jar) - Amazoness - Aqua Actresses - Water Dragon - Exodia Incarnate - Masked Beast - Chemicritters/Geminis - Reversal Quiz - Critias - Jackpot 7 - Noble Knights - Ritual Beasts - Cyber Dragons - Spell Counter Demise Stun - Magnet Warriors