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Just a smol extrovert with a love for the colour blue!

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Welcome to my little space on the internet! I go by Blue or Blueberry. I'm a student and streamer enthusiast. I love to code, graphic design, sing, play piano, yoga and play video games :) I am a lover of languages and accents! If you stick around for even a minute you will hear me do several! Let me know where you are from, I would love to try to do a voice for you to welcome you in to our community <3 This channel is rated "Mature" due to game related content and because of trolls during Jackbox, however I do like to try and keep commentary "family friendly" . **Business Only:**
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We here at the Berry Patch have certain values and beliefs: - Support and uplift your community! It warms my heart when I see you guys being kind to each other :) - No racism, homophobia, sexism or other forms of discrimination will be tolerated - Be yourself! Relax and let us meet the real you! - English only please, we don't want to leave anyone out of the dialogue - Please don't spam, it makes it much harder to read chat and makes me not want to read your message - Please ask before posting links
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Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Donations are not expected but so appreciated <3 Any money from stream is current going towards a new camera :) Please click the banner to donate. **To safe guard from trolls, please note that any donations will not be refunded without contacting me first**

Channel Commands!

**!socials** - Get links to all of my social media accounts! **!goals** - Goals I'm currently working towards :) **!charity** - Get info about our upcoming charity stream **!lurk** - Let us know you need to BRB or lurk **!rmsg** - Get the raid message **!art** - Find out if art commissions are open or closed ### For Fun Commands: **!ban** - A joke ban for when someone dun goofs **!goof** - For when someone is being a goof **!hbd** - Wish someone a happy birthday! **!hype** - Spread some hype in the chat **!hug Username** - Give someone a hug! **!love Username or Thing** - See how much love there is between you and something else
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Click the banner to visit my Twitter! You will get stream updates and life updates there!
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Click on the banner to visit the Berry Patch! This is a great place to hangout with the community and get to know each other better <3 Pst, this is the best place to get a hold of me for art commissions!