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Stellar Salutations my Starlights and welcome to the Starsea, I'm Soleil Flanerie, a Nonbinary (They/Them) Traveling Magus of the stars. I Travel to many different worlds and explore the cosmos while utilizing Vtubing as a way to share my journey with all of you~! Pronouns follow avatar in use

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I'm The Stellar Magus, Soleil Flanerie, Aurora witch. I love Space, solar wings and stars. I use mgaic to project myself and communicate with you all! I can't wait to share whatever adventures we may find on our journey I'm mainly a variety Vtuber streamer with a passion for RPG's and Shin megami Tensei titles. one of my favorite games to stream is also Final Fantasy XiV keep an eye out for patch drops! I Play games for enjoyment more than anything else and encourage you to jazz, vibe and chat and Ill be sure to join in as well.


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So, a few rules to follow Firstly you should be an Adult. this Channel is NOT intended for younger audiences. 1.Absolutely no Hate Speech, Slurs, or trans/homo-Phobia of any kind Ever. Respect Pronouns and each other. 2. Feel free to play Sounds at any time! try not to be disruptive in karaoke however, 3. Don't troll. I don't like it, its not cute its just not the vibes I like. . More to be added later. Enjoy your stay and ..have fun and be nice...take a seat and enjoy the vibes


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If youre feeling generous and want to give me things, feel free to gift me anything you see here~! And thank you so much~