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My name is Joy, I am primarily a variety streamer, and a mute with not much personality to speak of :)

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**My name is Joy but most commonly known as Lissa** **I am 30 years old(ish), living in California and have been streaming on Twitch(and JTV) since 2008** + **I cannot speak, not by choice, but because of the inability to, due to a car accident. Feel free to ask in chat about it! I'm completely open to discussing and talking about it :)**
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**I have never really liked rules for chat. So I only have one!** + **[Golden Rule](**
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*An on-screen donation tracker will pop up if you donate, follow or host the channel!* + **As always, donations, subs etc are not expected nor will they ever be, I want to make peoples lives a little bit happier, not make money :)**