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Pokémon (sometimes variety) Streamer | Great Lakes Region | Pokémon TCG Competitor

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>I'm Sombra! You can call me Sombra, Sombs, or Curse! -Some of you may know my real name, and that's okay, but it's not acceptable to use in chat. >I am a competitive Pokémon TCG player of about two decades! (yes I'm old) >I play mostly Pokémon games as it's been a long time passion of mine >I do not share what I do for work do to contractual agreements, but I do work a full time job outside of stream. >Expect SASS and a lot of it. I'm quick witted and sarcastic but you're welcome to ask for clarity on anything if needed >I do have a discord but I will give that out at my discretion >While I do interact on social media I can't stand small talk so DM's like "hi" "hey" or similar things will generally be ignored. If we've never DM'd before, DM with a purpose >I never respond to twitch whispers
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The Rules: 1. This stream is 18+ without exception. Themes, discussions, games, etc... here are only suitable for a mature audience. 2. Harassment or bigotry of any kind will not be tolerated >This rule is all encompassing and includes the respect of identities of viewers and co-hosts 3. Gifts, bits, subs, tips, and donations >While these are all very much appreciated they are NEVER required >If you do chose to provide any of these things by reading these rules you agree that it is your responsibility to make sure that you are financially sound, understand no services will be provided, and that you are doing so of your own choice. >All financial contributions are final and will not be refunded under any circumstances. 4. Trolling is an artform and anything less than what the streamer considers to be tasteful trolling will be swiftly removed without the ability to appeal.
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5. Sensitive topics or emotional conversations may occur in this stream. It is your right to leave at any point if you don't wish to observe or participate in them. However, any direct shaming or guilting of anyone in the stream will result in a ban. >We understand that for many streams are an escape from the real world, but in this community we sometimes visit very real topics. 6. Parasocial activities are even scarier than paranormal activities. Remember to keep yourself in check, respect boundaries, and practice internet safety. 7. At times viewers may be invited to participate in games. Constantly asking to participate when viewer games are not open will result in a ban. 8. Always ask before back seating. We will attempt to mark streams to show if back seating is or isn't allowed. 9. Respect the streamers, co-hosts, and moderators decisions. They are final and not appealable 9(b). It is important that a community feel safe and comfortable under the standards set by the streamer. Users may be removed from the community for consistently causing uncomfortable situations for the streamer, co-host, or other viewers even if they are not explicitly breaking rules or TOS 10. Enjoy yourself and understand that you're never obligated to be here and if this is not a good fit for you that is entire okay :)