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Currently streaming art, I’m a competitive Splatoon player who enjoys her life with Nintendo and friends who come around. I also draw! Be sure to find me at twitter @ Sombraling or Sombradoodle


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Hey everyone, welcome to the stream! I appreciate anyone stopping by to see what I'm doing, and hopefully make your days a bit brighter! I'm a typical freelance artist who enjoys to stream when they could, the schedule is a bit wacky at times. Currently I go to college, so streaming may be every single day, or some days of the week. I dedicate each stream with a game I enjoy, like Splatoon, or Drawing! Hopefully you all will come with me on my journey on streaming,

Ways to help

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You could click on the image to go to a donation site, or you can ask me any specific links to Paypal, Ko-Fi, or even commissioning me! I do emotes, icons, banners, and a whole lot of different stuff that could interest you. Just whisper me for more info. Thank you all for being generous!

More help?!

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With a subscription, not only you're supporting me streaming, but helping me buy other tech. for the stream itself! Any money made here, will be dedicated towards anything to make my stream better for those who are coming in. Be it a new microphone, a headset, or an extra Capture Card if it dies. You could even be the one to recommend anything to me as well! For now, you could get my emotes depending on the what tier you chose, thank you again for being supportive of my stream!

Let's get Technical

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**Computer** :: Acer Aspire 5 / Intel Core i7 **Capture Card** :: AverMedia: Live Gamer Portable 2 **Game systems** :: Steam, Nintendo Switch. **Microphone** :: N/A