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Hello! I'm a variety streamer who loves survival crafting games. I often play with friends, but you'll sometimes see me hanging solo, doing my own thing. Why the food truck theme? I love food, and food trucks are super fun!

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Sparkle_Salsa is... me! I've been described as many things, but when it comes to Twitch, I'm a variety streamer who really enjoys crafting survival games, maybe some spooky games, and roaming new places with friends. You as a viewer can expect to hear me use weird voices, maybe get a little dramatic, but mostly, you can expect this to be a welcoming place for all people. It's safe here, and I'll make sure of that. Like my theme? I got it from Deimos Vlade, a very talented man! See his portfolio and join the discord to chat with him!
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The rules are pretty simple, but lets go over them. 1. Don't be a jerk. If you are coming in here with the intention of trolling, being nasty, or just negative, this isn't the chat for you. 2. Don't self promote. This is pretty obvious, but does include spamming your own emotes. 3. Respect the mods. The mods ask you to knock off a behavior? Then do so. 4. Don't backseat game! I will ask for help if I want it. Otherwise, I'd like to find things out on my own.


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