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A Thespian who can do anything.


I often ask myself that. I'm a variety streamer, which is code for I make shit up as I go along. Bad photoshops, inane characters, surreal improv, pointless polls, senseless prizes, dumb GIFs, accordion, floppy horses, Angela Lansbury, and fart dances. I'm a Thespian who can do anything, and this Thespian chooses to party. Currently live every Wednesday & Friday 3-5PST and always with guest star Betty. Thanks to Melloack for my avatar! HEY-YEA-YEA-YA-A!!!!!

Come party!

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The party continues backstage in our Discord server, the Greenroom. Come hang out with other amazing folks in a save safe space for everyone to be dumb together. Also private hangouts and behind the scenes for subscribers!


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Ya hurd?

"He destroyed all my fucks." -boneshooter87 "It's truly a wonderful place to hang out and have lots of fun in!" -RiverStixx_ "That was as crazy as advertised." -Melloack "Thank you for making my day better." -Snowcat1413

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