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SpeedyThor streams Fortnite and Flinthook.

I have a Discord Server!

Enter the server to play games with me, and to recommend games for me to play on stream!
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Clean content means clean conversation as well. This goes for people of all ages. We in the Lightning Legion Strive to be the best we can be, and strive to help our brothers and sisters!
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Hey everyone! I'm SpeedyThor and I'm happy to meet you! I like to play a lot of Fortnite, but I also have a lot of other cool stuff up my sleeve! I'll be doing a play through of Mega Man X 1-8! I'm going to start that soon. I also plan on uploading a bunch of scratch tutorials, and fun projects that people can play along with. If there is a game that you want me to play feel free to whisper me, and if it's appropriate, I'll play it!