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I'm just a colorful rainbow girl from Denver, Colorado. Faster bpm's is where I find myself the most happy!


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Born in Utah, and growing up in Idaho Spinxxx wasn't exposed to very much electronic music until she moved to Denver, Colorado in 2003. Starting out with interest in trance music, and finding her love for harder beats in 2009 which slowly progressed into what she most spins today. Frenchcore, gabber, UK hard house, dnb, techno, and UK hardcore is where Spinxxx finds herself the most happy. Sprinxxx's passion for djing spiked a little more in 2016 when she was going through some struggles in life and found that losing herself in music was a special type of therapy that helped her keep her head above water. Sprinxxx has had the opportunity to play alongside some amazing dj's and producers including Rob Gee, Hartshorn, K.O.R.E., HK, and other amazing locals from the Denver area. Sprinxxx is only a small town dj as of now, but she hopes to add music production to her list of goals for 2021. Until then, she will continue to support all the local talent and provide some fast hard beats for twitch followers!