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🐾Spyva the Ferret-Vtuber🐾 💠They/Them💠 ♌️25♌️ 🎗Cancer Fighter🎗I am Spyva, here to spread love, magic, and chaos wherever I go! I focus on Gaming content and play survival, cozy, sim and multiplayer games!

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Hi and welcome! I am a casual gamer who just wants to spread some joy. I am 24 year old mom battling cancer! I love play a variety of games. I enjoy everything from story, survival, to even board games. Art Credit: Badges and Emotes - Emotes - Shobs https://www. Badges - PsychovTeddy Rective PNG: Berri - 3D model: Cellliron -
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Thank you! Helping in The Den, this is your way of donating to help the channel grow! Your donation will be going to my set up and more games to be able to play with you! Any donations are also Non-Refundable.
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Here to have a good time! So here is some rules. 1. No hate speech, We accept everyone here! 2. We are a Adult Community, please don't talk about age. Any mention of personal age will result in a ban. To join our discord you have to be an Adult. 3. Be respectful regardless of different opinions. 4. No Spamming or linking things without permission (except clips). 5. I will be playing how I like, please don't meta game or spoil the story. 6. Remember in the end its a game. We do not support toxic people. We all just wanna have a good time here. If any issues occur please feel free to message me or a mod!