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hi i'm oro


my emotes are by Mori. please give him a follow! [https://taninomori.com/](https://taninomori.com/) [http://www.twitch.com/taninomori](http://www.twitch.com/taninomori) please follow my wonderful admin team! [Amarith](https://twitch.tv/amarithalterna) [Derity](https://twitch.tv/deritypeels) [LBt](https://twitch.tv/ladyboxthief) [DFS](https://twitch.tv/drunkfutureself) [Wes](https://twitch.tv/wessidevandal) [HelMaj](https://twitch.tv/helmaj) my subscriber alert was arranged my [timp](https://twitch.tv/timp_) of [Go Mode Podcast](https://www.gomodepodcast.com) fame!


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hi i'm oro (they/them). i mostly stream A Link to the Past Randomizer races and occasionally Jackbox Party games and sometimes whatever.

chat rules

- Kindness is everything - Sexism, racism, homophobia, ableism, transphobia and anything similar will not be tolerated. - This is a mature stream for adults - This is a chill stream to hang out in. Please avoid chatting about current events that might be a downer. These topics are important to discuss and act on, but please respect that people here (including myself) might want to temporarily escape from the problems in the world.
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Tips are always appreciated and never expected. <3