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Just a horsemang turn bounty hunter looking to take vengeance for his fallen brethren.

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###Hi Guys..and Gals... My name is Stangmang. I was born and bred in Canada **.** ###**I have been gaming ever since I could run on all fours. The games that I like to play are FPS, RPG.**


- Motherboard - MSI Pro Z690-A WiFi - GPU - RTX 3070 Ti - AIO - Thermaltake TH3060 - RAM - Trident Z5 (32) - CPU - I7-12700 KF - SSD - PNY CS2130 2TB - Power Supply - Cooler Master Gold V850


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Donations are not expected. All profits will go to improving the stream! Thank you for your support!!! (dono's are non refundable)